This is an intimate program that focuses on your healing journey as expressed through your natal chart.  We will gather upon each of the 13 Dark Moons. The moon in its fully illuminated state is a deep transmitter of potent release.  A powerful time to purge the psyche and give death to the archetypes that no longer serve us.  We will follow its cycle along your natal wheel and focus our attention on rebirthing this part of self through ritual and the use of plant medicine.  During our time together, you will learn the basics of herbal medicine making and be preparing your own potions.  Projects will be assigned each session and are to be completed by our next session.    

Please provide:

-Exact time of Birth
-Birthday with Year
-Location of Birth

*Sessions includes a PDF of your Natal Chart with Transits
  • Details

    *Session takes place by Email, Phone, or Video Chat:
    -Instagram Video

    Duration: 1 Hour Video Chat (Each Full Moon Cycle - 1/Month for 12 Months)
    3 Question and Answer (Email Correspondences) Each Full Moon Cycle