Glowing in full form,  she welcomes release.  Collecting and composting that which is ready to fall away and dissolve into darkness.




When the dark moon is upon us, she can't be seen.  Cloaked in the sky, she welcomes intentions to be nutured and grown with the growing light as she makes her way back to fullness.


In the session, I will work with this potent moon cycle of release to renew in conjunction with your natal chart. The chart is drafted up by your date, time, and location of birth.  Each Full Moon and New Moon travels to a new area of your life every moon cycle. I will locate which natal house is being entered by the nearest Full Moon and New Moon at your time of booking.  Three tarot cards will be drawn for each of these cycles of release and renew. 


You will receive six paragraphs of guidance via email to assist you on your journey along with a PDF of your natal chart.  Readings are send out within 72 hours of receiving your details.



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    Reading is sent over email.