The Full Moon is a fertile time to set intentions of deep release and surrender. We will work with the energies of the Full Moon to unearth the shadow sides of self and reveal what is begging to fall away with the aid of tarot, astrology, and plant medicine.

The Tarot is a living, breathing organism that in totality mirrors the human psyche. We are all of the cards at and given time. We walk through life and adhere to energetic particularities based upon how we react to a given situation. This reaction gives birth to a resonance that you begin to emanate. The universe responds to us from this frequency by giving us more things to match where we are living from on the energetic grid. In the reading, we will work with the cards and use them to reveal what major archetypes are running through you at this moment in time. We will fortify the innate gifts that burn within you and give careful attention to the places that yearn to be nourished. Action creates results. Cole will suggest various remedies based on the cards to awaken new parts of self and vivify your everyday living experience.

"Thoughts crystallize into habit and habit solidifies into circumstances."
- Brian Adams

The moment of our birth is imbued with celestial resonances. Each of the planets imprints on us their specific taste, look, and feel. We carry these archetypes along with us and access them upon unconscious command. We are a symphony of these sounds all sculpting us exquisitely into individual form. In the reading, we will unearth the prominent energies that are at play and expose their radiant nature along with the shadow tendencies. Cole will offer methods to break out of any stagnant holding patterns that are revealed in the natal chart through the use of plant medicine, movement, or any other remedy that comes through.

*Session includes a PDF of your Natal Chart

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    Duration: 1 Hour